Harder Stylez 4 Life

Harder Stylez 4 Life Hardstyle is a sub-genre of trance music that is closely related to nu style gabber and hard trance. Hardstyle, or sometimes refereed to as hard dance or hardbass, soundz very similar to nu style gabber but is usually about 30 bpm slower. The average tempo is between 140 and 150 beats per minute. The sound iz characterized by thunderous beats and an anthemic enthusiazm.

Amazing vocals! So addictive :’D

Daaaaaa Tweeekaaazzzz! XD

Da Tweekaz - Healing Incantation

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Best song evar.

D-Block & S-te-Fan ft. High Voltage - Shiverz

Holy crap! First time I’ve heard this song, absolutely amazing!

Listen to that melody! <3

Da Tweekaz - Get Mad

Well lookie here.. :D

Well lookie here.. :D

YES! <3

Melody Madness Reloaded 01


01. Scope Dj - Lockdown
02. Wildstylez - Phantom Beat
03. Arboza & Solutio - The Tree of Life
04. Max Enforcer - Gold
05. Zatox - A New Dimension
06. Noisecontrollers - Confucius
07. Isaac - Bitches

What I think of your Tumblr post.

What I think of your Tumblr post.

Black & White ft Angie Brown - Get Ya Hands Up (Code Black Remix)

i’ma big bad mother-fuckin’ monsteRRR!!! WOOO :D

Coone ft. Nikkita - Big Bad Monstah (Qlimax DJ Tool)